About torrent.eu.org

torrent.eu.org is an open bittorrent tracker, that anyone can use freely.


To use this tracker, add the following address to your torrents:


Note that the tracker only supports UDP, for performance reasons.

Usage of this tracker is completely open.


This tracker's only role is to coordinate peers. We have absolutely no knowledge of the content exchanged by peers. We do not serve, store or index any content. We do not serve, store or index any .torrent file. To lodge a complaint related to a specific content, please get in touch with the person(s) distributing this content.

Technical details

The software behind this tracker is opentracker. We use gdnsd to balance the load on multiple servers, each located in a different network. All servers are synchronised using the live synchronisation feature of opentracker, running on top of a Tinc VPN.

We are always interested in adding new nodes to our load-balancing setup. If you are running a network with bandwidth to spare, and would like to host a node, please get in touch.